Sunday, December 27, 2009


Christmas was the best :) The day before Christmas Eve I went shopping with Britttt. Which was awesome since we hadn't hung out in forever. The parking at the mall was ridiculous and annoying and frustrating. I wouldnt suggest going to the mall during the holiday season. But I work there so I have no choice. I spent the rest of the night with my wonderful boyfriend. We decorated each others Christmas stockings. They turned out so cute and we had so much fun.

I spent Christmas Eve getting ready for my families annual party. It was pretty hectic and busy. I was the runner, definition: run to the store when anyone needs anything. We had the party that night and most of the usual people did not show up, which ultimately was fine because we had fun with just the little group we had. Jason (my boyfriend) showed up towards the end after working with his friend Jerry. It was great to spend time with them. They stayed for a couple hours while we watched movies. Then I drove to my Dad's house and spent the rest of the evening with him and my sister. I didn't sleep well because my dad was up all night making cookies with the light on... and I was on the couch.

Christmas day, my sister woke me up at 8. We read the Christmas story in the Bible and then opened up presents. After opening up presents we helped our Dad clean up for the lunch party he was going to have with his family. Then, we left at ten and went to our house to open up presents with our mom. After that Jason came over and we opened up each others presents. I was so excited because I got him the best gifts ever and he had no idea what I had gotten him! I got him a RVCA hat from Pacsun (where i work) that he really wanted and then MAGIC tickets to the game on the 30th against the Bucks. I got great seats: they are lowerbowl baseline section 118 row BB which are two rows up from the court! He was so surprised and is really excited. I told him i was having a Magic party that day at my house so that he wouldn't suspect anything and he would ask off work. Now he has to uninvite all those people he invited. lol. Then for stocking stuffers I got him a bunch of milkyway midnights, a big bag of reese's pieces, a bag of gummy bears, Inglorious Basterds (the movie), and then the Matrix movies on one disk. He got me gift cards to hollister and victoria's secret. Then for my stocking he got me ferrero rocher's which are my absolute favorite. After opening up gifts we went to waffle house to have a little snack. Then Christmas lunch with his parents and they gave me a church book (something about how to recognize promptings of the spirit). It was a sweet gift. We talked for a couple of hours then went back to my house. I got to talk to my brother on the phone; who is on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He comes back in May! Jerry came over after. The rest of the night Jason, Jerry, and I played Wii Golf.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas like I did && enjoy the rest of the holiday season :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009


My first day at Chick-fil-a was on Thursday. It was sooooo busy because it was our Grand Opening. However, I had so much fun. I met so many new people working in the dining room. Also, I loved all my trainers. They were so patient with all of us as we were learning new things and practicing things that we had learned in our training. I was getting a lot of great compliments from my trainers too! Stanley even personally pulled me over to the owner/operator and said you cant let this one go! I appreciate that so much.

Also, I love our owner/operator Jeff Johnston. He is an amazing man. He is so caring and so flexible with our hours. I, being a full time student, need a lot of hours to study and do homework. He is flexible and caring enough to get someone to cover our shift if we really cant make it and need the time for school work. I am so excited to continue working with him. He personally lets me know that he wants me for the long haul and that is so good to know. Chick-fil-a is a wonderful company to work for and I love it.

Unfortunately, with all the hours I will be getting at Chick-fil-a I decided to put in my two weeks to PacSun. I'm bummed because I love the people I work with and I would love to stay. I just never get hours! I maybe work 2 days on a good week with a total of 10 hours, but that is rare.


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