Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Magic VS The Bucks

Jason's Christmas present: two tickets to the Magic game on the 30th :) was basically awesome. We went to a little Thai food restaurant downtown right before the game and ate phad thai and eel sushi rolls. The food was delicious and it was such a cute place. We then drove with Abi to park the car next to the arena. We walked to the arena and got there a little bit late because Jason thought the game started at 7:00 but it started at 7:30. We had great seats though! Just incase you hadnt heard, we sat in section 118 row BB which is literally TWO rows up from the court. He was so excited the whole night anddd of course we won. He kept saying that this was the best experience he has ever had and that they were also the best seats he has ever had at a Magic game. Which basically qualifies me as the best girlfriend ever ;)

For me, it could have been better because i really wanted to be put up on the kiss cam with him and they didnt even do it. I was so bummed. But, we did get put up on the screen almost 3 times. It was pretty awesome for us. We were loud and we had fun. I really didnt want the night to end.

The view from our seats!

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