Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The month of February went like this:
1st- i had my first speech in class.

7th- jason's birthday: we spent the night in titusville waiting for the shuttle to go off and it didnt. i gave him two hollister shirts for his present at 12. we went to church then afterwards went to his parents house for his birthday lunch :)

8th- round two of the shuttle launch. we got to see it :) it was beautiful and cold!

12th- brittany's baby shower

14th- Valentine's day <3 i woke up early and snuck over to jason's house while he was at his meetings and i put rose petals from the front door to his room. then on the floor of his room made a heart of hershey's kisses and put envelopes around it and sent him on a scavenger hunt. we then went to the park and had a picnic and watched the time travelers wife by the fireplace that night.

18th- went to the Phi Theta Kappa transfer fair and got to talk to my future college: Nova Southeastern University which is in ft. lauderdale and decided to major in Biology.

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